Forever Clothespins
Proudly Made in the USA!    
Won't Break
Feels Good
Stainless Steel
Weather Resistant
Made of ash, the same tough wood that is used in baseball bats and shovel handles.
Feels good in your hand because they’re heftier and have grip edges in the handle. They’re also longer to give better leverage so they will open easier.
Hang your heaviest towels and jeans. These clothespins aren’t going to let go even when the wind kicks up. No more re-washing because items fell on the ground.
Heavy duty spring won’t rust or break. They’ll keep that firm grip on the line year after year. And they’re nestled in the clothespin halves so securely that they will not slide apart.
Finished with old fashioned tung oil, a finish that won’t stain your clothes, but will protect the wood from harsh weather.
The most successful clothespin was invented by Solon Moore in 1887.
There were lots of other styles tried, but only his design has stood the test of time.
Now, we’ve gone above and beyond that original design.
Here is what makes our clothespins “Forever”!
A Stronger Wood
Most imported pins are currently made of soft woods. They break - easily. We have chosen a very tough wood - Ash.
Not only is it tough enough for tool handles, but has a beautiful grain that makes each pin distinctive and beautiful. They have character. After you have hung out dozens of laundries, these pins will start to take on the time worn patina that everyone loves.

Grandma would have told all her neighbors about these superb clothespins. You can too!

A Superior Spring
If you look inside the clothespins in the picture, you will see the fully wound springs and thicker steel used in our springs. What you can’t see is that the spring is also made of stainless steel so it will never rust. Sure it will cost more, but do you want rust from a cheap pin to ruin your expensive clothes?
Ergonomic Engineering
All US clothespin factories have shut down. Most pins are now coming from overseas. They are small and hard to hang on to. But a few craftsmen are now making sturdy clothespins in their home workshops. Ours are hefty enough to not slip out of your hand. There also are grip grooves cut into the handles that keep them from sliding out of wet hands. The handles are longer so you don’t have to use your finger tips to open them - that will make your hands less fatigued. They’re also wider, farther apart and thicker to give you a better grip. At the other end there are 2 notches to grab your clothes more securely.
When you reach into a mixed pin bag or apron, we know your hands are going to search around for those noticeably stronger “forever” pins. Over time the others will all break or start rusting. Soon only our pins will be left in your bag. That’s the way it should be. We have designed these pins to be used, cherished and lovingly passed down to the next generation. Over time, that lovely patina will develop. Someday, your kids and grand-kids will feel these pins and remember all the times your hands also worked with these essential clothes tools. They will remember your love and passion.
Forever Clothespins are hand made by Steve Andrews... market farmer, printer, designer, inventor and teacher.
This is a small, home based business that is
bringing back quality, USA-made products that last.
   The clothespins are made at Earth Song Farm in Lodi, Ohio right next to our General Store. Surrounded by trees, plants, chickens and goats, each pin is lovingly crafted with over 20 different steps.
   The ash wood is locally cut, air dried for a year, then planed and trimmed. Each pin is precision cut to a tolerance of 1/64 of an inch. It has to be exact to work right. We then inspect each piece as we hand-assemble the finished pin.
   Finally we put our name on each “Forever” pin. If it ever breaks or fails, return it and we will replace it at no charge. Unfortunately, the dog using it as a chew toy doesn’t count.
How to Properly Use a Clothespin
“Nipping” your clothes with the clothespin will not hold a heavy, wet item securely. You need to give a full bite to the material. Take a close look at the “right” way in the pictures below....
Wrong Way                                       Right Way               
Unavoidable Issues
We pour a lot of love into creating these “Forever” pins. And although we make them out of sturdy ash wood and believe they are the best design in the world, there are a few shortcomings....

Dogs love them! - That springiness is teasing and soon you’ll have a chewed up slobbery mess.
Lawn Mowers fling them. - They probably won’t break them, but it will leave a nasty gash in the wood that will leave it unuseable - if you can even find it.
Toddlers love to play with them. - But squeezing is boring, so they will probably try pulling also. After twisting and pulling they may get them apart. Just put them back together and marvel at your toddlers strength.
Weather - Any wood, any finish, when left outside will start to deteriorate. Cheap imported pins have no protection and the wood will deteriorate rapidly. Our tung oil finish will extend the life, but they also should not be left out in the rain, sun and wind when they are not being used.
The Bite - Because clothespins do not have a hinge point, but depend on the spring as the hinge, they sometimes close slightly askew. This is normal and unavoidable and will not affect the ability of these pins to strongly hold your clothes.
Need a clothespin pouch?
  We make a heavyweight denim pouch with a pleated bottom that will hold over 80 of our clothespins. The top is puckered just enough so that the pins stay in but your hand slips in and out easily. At the reinforced corners are heavy brass grommets that allow a sturdy 1 inch strap to swivel easily. This allows the strap to be used horizontally around the waist or vertically around the shoulder and neck. (Also makes a great pouch for gardening tools and construction projects.)
Size: 17x8 inches, Strap: 32 inches
Cost: $25.00 plus $6.50 shipping
Price: Package of 12 “Forever” Clothespins for $24.
plus $6.50 shipping (any quantity)
Free Sample Pack - 2 free Forever Clothespins for you to try.
All we ask is for $2.50 to cover shipping costs.
Questions? Email
Make Check or Money Order out to Steve Andrews and mail to:
760 West Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256
Phone 330-242-3772